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The longest penalty shootout

Penalty shootouts are the most tension filled moments in sport. From the fans being unable to contain their excitement and their nerves, to coaches calculating on the tiniest paper about who should take the penalties, and finally to the players who either already look guilty as hell about missing it or are busy thinking about how to celebrate after scoring the penalty. The penalties are 5 opportunities to win over the other team; even a single miss could mean the end.

Now imagine this:

A penalty shootout where most fans look completely clueless, some bored to bits, some who are just tired of endlessly jumping up and down, some who just couldn’t care anymore. The coaches whose ink has ran out and the paper makes no sense anymore to the players who just want to get some sleep and end this recurring dream.

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The latter is exactly what happened in 1988 in the Argentine championships. The fans, the coaches and the players of Argentinean Juniors and Racing Club lost the plot after the game finished 2-2 in normal time and then it took a mighty 44 penalties before the Argentineans won the game – 20-19!

Now imagine having to sit through those many penalties with ads playing in between.

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