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We’ve always paired up sports with our mighty ale (for first-timers, this ale will forever be known as BEER). But what if drinking beer was a sport in itself? Believe it or not, there are indeed beer games and in some countries even Beer Game Championships; our very own Beerlympics for example. We’re going to blow your mind right now. What if you could play some of these beer games within the safe confines of your home? You might just be in luck. Read on to find out!


This is a variation of “truth or dare” Jenga but here, the objective is to get the opponent to drink his/her beer in a funny position, with every block successfully pulled. Perfect way to start your beer evening!

Who dares, wins!


Pong-fu adds one more layer of competition to the regular Beer Pong. Here, players are encouraged to throw balls into the opponents’ cups in the fanciest manner possible. Each attempt will be scored by a panel of judges (your best friends / worst enemies) whose points will be added to the total tally. How will you fare bro-san?

Five-cup throw of epicness!


A giant sized version of the famous turn-based board game “Battleship”. Like the aforementioned game, players call out coordinates on a grid. Every successful hit will make the opponent drink a ‘shot’ of beer. Sink your mate, mate!

Thar she flows!


A relay race where players are divided into teams of 4-5. Each teammate’s given a plastic cup, half-filled with beer. Each person must drink the contents of their cup, flip it and place it down on the table with their hand still on the cup before the next teammate begins. The team that empties their cups first, wins. Complicated? Didn’t you know that difficult games are actually fun? Now you do.

Flippity flip flip flippity!


A chess game where plastic glasses have a certain rank written on the side. The game is played like regular chess up until one unit is knocked out. Here, the player whose unit is knocked out, will consume the contents of that glass and hand over the glass to their opponent. If the king is knocked out, all the glasses on that player’s side will be consumed. This is a true battle of wits and strong will!


You now have the games. Do you have a party wild enough to play them in? Only you have the answer.

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