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5 sports that need cheerleaders

Golf golf

There is the golfer, poised and in deep concentration, attempting to tee the ball into the designated hole. Vast green plains, blue skies…and too much silence, barring the occasional commentary. Now imagine a bunch of cheerleaders on the golf course. Suddenly, the game doesn’t look like someone is about to get fired.

Every time a golfer does a hole-in-one, the cheerleaders could perform the victory dance. Each victory could have a different dance.
Now, golf will not ‘seem’ so boring anymore.

Horse Racing

Agreed that the horses go by way too fast for anyone to register cheerleading happening on the side. But who said that cheerleading needs to happen as the race is on? Cheerleading can happen prior to and after a race. Each horse name can have its own limerick! Now who doesn’t love to listen to some limericks? Add some cheerleaders chanting out those limericks and you can thank us later for the resultant packed stadium.

Pool pool

We love this game, we honestly do. But apart from the two people who are on either side of the table, there’s nothing that any spectator can do apart from clap and give an occasional hoot.

Which can be really monotonous after a while.

How about some cheerleaders who egg the players on? Or perhaps they jump into an impromptu dance every time a player scores. Better still, each ball has a designated cheerleader.

Now we’re talking, aren’t we?

Beer Chugging It could be some time before beer chugging becomes a global sport, and some even more time until cheerleaders are called into the game. Until, then, the Good Times can show you how it’s done!

Do you think that any other sports could use a team of cheerleaders? Go on, add your suggestions in the comment section below!

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