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5 Beer Pong Lessons to reign supreme

Cricket, good times

Lesson #1 - Balance:

Yes, body posture and stability are crucial, but we mean the yin and yang of the game, the ebb and flow of beer pong karma! So aim to make sure your opponent drinks every time you do.

Lesson #2 - Flow:

Hold on. We weren’t going zen with this one. Just remember to go to the loo as often as possible. Holding it in causes game-losing tension!

Lesson #3 - Awareness:

Remember your Brewnagi! Stay aware about everything around you during your game. If this doesn’t work, try distracting your opponent during his shot. ​

Lesson #4 - Bounce:

No, we don’t mean your energy levels during the game. We’re talking about those bounce shots that require skill. Remember to always find a sweet spot and aim to pitch the ping pong right there.

Lesson #5 - Vision:

It is inevitable that your clarity of vision depreciates through the game. So, eyes on the prize brother. Visualize the ball leave your hand and follow through right to the bottom of your opponents cup!

Keep these lessons in mind young learner, while you begin your journey to Beer Pong domination.

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