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5 beer games you can play with dice

Everyone loves beer and everyone loves to play games - so if we combine the two, we can only get amazing results. Since it's beer, we thought we should make the concept simpler - like base the game on the rolling of die. And yes, the game doesn't have to simply depend upon the consumption of beer.

beer game

What you will need: A dice and a beer bottle.

- If you roll a one, you have to sing a song in the style of the artist - or keep your hands off the beer for the entire evening

- If you roll a two, you have to do a tap dance step or the next round of beer is on you

- You have to roll in a three to open the beer bottle - until that happens, no one gets to open the bottle

- If you roll a four, you have to spin the bottle and do whatever the people at whom the ends of ​ ​bottle are pointed at tell you to do.

- If you roll a five, you have ​to call your boss and tell him that he owes you a beer, just like that!

- If you roll a six, you become the designated dip-refiller!

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