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3 sports you can play in a meeting

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Beer Whispers

Hide a beer can in the conference room and tell no one about it. When the boss is not looking, whisper to the person sitting next to you that somewhere in the conference room, a beer can is hidden. Tell the colleague to pass the message on. Soon, everyone will subtlety start looking for the beer can and suddenly, the meeting is not so boring.

Beer Challenge

Before the meeting starts, tell everyone that whoever yawns in the meeting has to buy beer for everyone else in the conference room.

It’s a meeting. Someone will eventually buckle under pressure.

Each one, chug some

Everyone should carry a pint to the conference room. Every time the boss turns his or her back towards you, chug some beer. The first one to finish the pint deserves the right to be exempted from all meeting in the future!

You will now definitely look forward to every meeting. Thank us later!

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