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3 sports everyone plays on a Sunday

Hit The Snooze

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​The game is very simple. Every time our brain forgets that​ it is a Sunday and we shouldn't be waking up on a holiday. So the trick is to hit the snooze button on that annoying alarm without opening an eyelid.

And years of practice on weekdays has definitely turned the human race into thorough professionals!

Break That Fast

SPORTS, kingfisher, sunday, beer

Sunday breakfast is the grandest without a doubt - and people are always working up an appetite to enjoy it to the fullest.

So here's how the game is played - start off a relentless alarm snoozing off business , move onto investing elaborate effort in getting off the bed, and then complete the very strenous task of rapid yawning. The last feat is to simply reach the the breakfast table and wash down the delicacies!

Have the Good Times

SPORTS, kingfisher, sunday, beer

This happens to be our favourite sport - and only because it involves so much fun! All we have to do is simply find a big lounge chair, find a big bowl of chips, and sink ourselves into the chair with a chilled beer. What's so sporty about this you say?

Well, what's good playing around all Sunday if you can't conclude it off with some good ol' beer!

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