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3 games to play when waiting for an elevator

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Everyone has at some point in their lives waited for an elevator. And not enjoyed that wait for one bit. You shuffle your feet, looking anywhere but in the direction of the peple waiting for the elevator to arrive, and of course, continue to jab the elevator buttons, inspite of knowing it's not going to make the elevator arrive at your floor any faster.

So we suggest you do this instead:

Twirl a pen between your fingers

Twirling of pens between fingers successfully happens only in movies. Not that this is your ladder to hoist your movie career, but it's a start.

So start twirling that pen - at least you can impress your office people!

Make a bucket list of pranks to play in life within 60 seconds

Because life is too short to not play pranks!

Make party plans for next year

You can be that guy or girl who gives the term 'party planner' a whole new definition. Plan themes and parties for different days in the year, and then execute these plans. And of course, start them off with a Kingfisher Beer - because you know, that's a great Good Times start!

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