The Ideal Warm-Up before a big match

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Balance it Out

Shift your seat to the bar if you are at a pub, and to the fridge if you are at home. Adjust the TV to an angle such that it is easily viewable from where you are seated. Make sure that your eyes are never off the TV screen even when you have to lift the bottle off the bar or table. This will take some practice, so keep practicing the moves before the match starts.

Refill King

When at the bar

Treat the bartender like he is your best friend. Make sure that he is attending only to your refill requests during the match. To do this, you need to strike a conversation and compliment him after every sentence he says, irrespective of what it could be.

"I joined this place in 2013."

"That’s just off the charts man! High-five!"

When at home

Convince your gullible, holier-than-thou friend / neighbor / colleague that refilling beers for a friend is the ‘good deed of the year’. Promise them some ‘Good Times’ at the end of the match and redirect them to

Cheer Thy Team

Think of an exquisitely innovative ‘cheer chant’ for your team. Then head to the nearest pub / friend’s place, find a few supporters of your team and practice the chant together. Every time your team scores, sing out the new chant and revel in the glorious stares directed to you by the opponent team.

You are now ready to view the match. Have the Good Times!

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