5 Reasons beer and cricket are a snap fit

Cricket, good times

New Jersey:

No, literally, new jersey. What better place to show off your new jersey than a pub full of fellow fans chugging brews?


You don’t wanna get too shaky before the second innings. Some nice crisp beers will give you perfect pacing for this.

Chill bro:

When your friend’s team is losing, a chilled beer is the perfect way to tell him not to be a sore loser.​

That old superstition:

For the overenthusiastic fans who believe that your star player will hit a six or take a wicket every time you visit the loo, beer is the perfect excuse to conceal your highly irrational belief.

Good Times either way:

Win or lose, the party doesn't have to stop! Cheers (and jeers) will continue to be shared long after the bails come off.

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