3 things a cricket fan will do

Memorize match statistics

fan, good times

Every cricket fan will know atleast one statistic that he or she can brag or debate about with fellow cricket fans. They can recite player or team achievements in their sleep and would have stayed awake in office meetings if presentations were about the growth chart of fours and sixes in the last two years!

Practice cheering

fan, good times

A true cricket fan knows that staying in shape is absolutely imperative. And we are not talking about health here. Prolonged hours of loud cheering needs effort and for cricket fans, cheering for one’s favourite team is akin to bathroom singing for these fans. They will practice diction and pitch, and will hum their team song without even knowing it – all for the match day, when they will have to scream their lungs out to cheer!

Have the Good Times

fan, good times

Every true cricket fan will cheer and brag and debate for umpteen amounts of time – but they will also have the Good Times will they are it! And trust us when we say this, there can be no better way of enjoying the cricket season!

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