3 kinds of cricket fans

Cricket, good times

A Purest:

One who scoffs at the shorter formats of the game, ridicules people who think T20 cricket is the best form of the game and wakes up early in the morning to watch a test match at Lords between Australia and England that has an average run rate of 1 per over.

A Semi-Purest:

One who does not have the patience to watch a full test match but will ensure he watches team India play every single time. A semi-purest also has a 60% chance of cancelling a party or a social event to watch a cricket match.

A Regular:

One who watches the game because everyone around him is talking about cricket and believes the T20 format is the best thing to have happened to the sport. He never really watches an entire game or reads a match review but knows enough to claim to be a fan.‚Äč

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