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If every genre wrote a song about beer

​We love how music can be about anything and how beer is pretty much also connected to everything. Noting the coincidence, so we decided to look at how different genres in music would create songs about beer.


Here are the songs we thing each genre would write about beer:


Sweet Beer of Mine: An ode to the commitment of a beer lover​ to beer - this song would be an instant hit, we know it!

Hip Hop

The Next Episode of Beer: This song would be about the memories associated with our friends over beer - this the kind of song that every starts singing to once the party has kickstarted!


Beerheads just wanna have beer: This one’s a no brainer - beer lovers cherish the relationship they have with beer!


Save it for a beery day: We would sing this song all day and night long only because we know the truth behind these words - and we would pay heed and how!


One beer: It’s the song that would start our party, that would start our day - it would pretty much be our go-to Good Times song!

Think you have a few songs to add of your own? Let us know!

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