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3 kinds of song hummers we have to deal with

All of us love music - so much so that some of us go on to become singers or musicians. And for those of us who don’t take music up professionally, we resort to just singing along.

Or worse, hum along.

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There is bad singing - which, as bad as it may sound, is bearable, because you can figure out the source of the torture and throw the nearest chair at him or her.

But humming? That’s a difficult one to figure because you can never tell by lip movement. Could it be that guy chewing gum or that woman who thinks that she has fooled us all into believing that she is actually dabbing her lips with applied balm when she is actually humming?

Yeah, no.

And to top it all, hummers come in different sets too. Yes, they do.

The Hummer who is neither singing nor humming

This person is neither nor there. He is too loud to be humming and too soft to be singing. And they will be positioned just so that they can annoy only you while everyone else in the world can carry on with their lives.

The Hummer who hums off-key

Here’s a hummer who makes you want to climb under a tree to disover the roots of the ancestry that led to the formation of these vocal chords. Then again, you will question the effort that is needed to pursue this, and you hope that your eardrums have the will to survive this.

The Hummer who hums a song that gets stuck on YOUR mind

Now this hummer has a game plan - he or she is going to hum and is going to take you down with him or her. Oh yes. There ain’t no normal singing session going on here! This person is bringing out the big guns. Initiate Earworm Syndrome. They will hum a song - and it doesn’t matter how they hum it - because by then your brain has decided to play this song in loop and you know you have gone past the point of no return.

Once that song is stuck in your head - it’s goodbye freedom!

Do you hum too? Do you belong to one of these categories, or are you of a different kind? Let us know in the comments below!

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