Spot the Genre

Most people you meet these days have one particular genre of music that they swear by. Speak to them about any other genre and they’ll react like you just asked them to add cola in their beer! So, once again, KF is here to help you identify the trademark genre of the person you are dealing with.

1. The Demon of Death:

The Demon of Death, Kingfisher

The ever-obvious metal-heads, though hidden behind a pile of facial hair, usually stand out in a crowd like a police man at a rave party. His spiked headphones should be blaring out a song with the title ending in the word “death”, “hell” or some other ridiculously dark combination of words such as “suffercation” - from the band he proudly displays on his black T-shirt!

2. Mr. Thug-life:

Mr. Thug-life, Kingfisher

Yes, the limp-walking fast-talking G’s bobbin’ their heads to some soulful bass. We mean the guys wearing clothes at least 2 times bigger than they need and pumps that are just a tad shy of being truck tyres.

3. The electro purist:

The electro purist, Kingfisher

These guys will listen to a machine for hours thinking that it’s trying to communicate with them. In appearance, an electro purist is hard to distinguish but one can easily spot the ridiculous combinations of formal and casual clothes that make up their party wear.

4. The Dread Soljah:

The Dread Soljah, Kingfisher

The slow moving, reggae lovers really believe themselves to be the “healing of the nation”. Trapped in city life they like to call Babylon, they might not have the dreadlocks on the outside but wear it proud on the inside. Their attire is shaggy and loose fitting and they usually don a woolen hat or such to hide their dreads, or lack of there in.

5. The Woodstock Wanderer:

The Woodstock Wanderer, Kingfisher

The classic rocker who swears by Clapton, Zeppelin, Hendrix and the noble others who’ve been on the Woodstock roster are easy to identify. The Woodstock wanderer is usually unkempt and has at least one signature accessory that tells you who his rock idol is, for example the now-perceived-hipster Bob Dylan hat.

Of course on often encounters weird combinations of 2 or more of these genres, but these classifications are of a broad and generalizing nature. We just made it easier to spot the types at first glance. At the end of it all, every genre is nothing but an ambience to celebrate the good times. So cheers!

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