6 Types Of Dancers You Will Find in any Pub

However, all pubs, no matter what kind they are, will surely have these 6 kinds of dancers at any given time on the floor:

The Circle Of Life

The Circle Of Life, Kingfisher

These are the people who dance in a circle. It’s like a round table conference – only that there is no table, and the conference is about their dance moves.

The Finger Pointers

The Finger Pointers, Kingfisher

These are the people who love encouraging their friends to dance, and at regular intervals, you will see them point at a friend with gusto, expressing their support, egging the friend to own that dance floor!

Expresso Impresso

Expresso Impresso, Kingfisher

This person, usually a guy, has some ‘impeccable’ dance moves, usually perfected in a mirrored dance studio, with one single aim running through the mind – Impress All The Ladies. You will generally find the Expresso Impresso grooving to a lady like she is the judge of the dance reality show and he is the only contestant!

The Middleman

The Middleman, Kingfisher

This person is the life of the party – he is the one who knows how to dance, who can get anyone to dance, and who can dance to any song. People love milling around him and flock to him like thirsty people flock to a barrel of beer. You can spot this person anywhere – usually positioned on the centre of the dance floor. Everyone wants to be like him, everyone wants to dance with him.

The Dance Clones

The Dance Clones, Kingfisher

This type defines pretty much 90% of the dancing population anywhere in the world – they are the Dance Detectives, who survey the dance floor, looking at every move, and then go about applying the same move stealthily, looking cool while they do it.

The Going Solos

The Going Solos, Kingfisher

These are the true performers – they don’t just go to a pub to dance. They look at the dance floor as a potential stage, and break out in complex dance moves that will drop the jaws of everyone around them. Usually, they like hanging out with people who can’t dance (which is most of us), so that makes them look all the more awesome.

So, which type are you?

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