3 kinds of people you will find at a #KFBeerUp

The Spy:

The Spy, Kingfisher

You have seen this beer-head. He or she will come to the #KFBeerUp to just stare at his or her screen, and hang around nonchalantly. These people look undercover detectives – they are surveying the scene, taking mental notes on how to chug, how to dance and how to have the Good Times.

For future use, obviously.

The Doesn’t-Give-A-Damn Dancer:

The Doesn’t-Give-A-Damn Dancer, Kingfisher

These are the people who truly know how to live it up. They may not have a method to their madness. But that’s the best part of it all! The moment the music begins, they know they have to hit the dance floor. And they will definitely conquer it.

The Beer Hogger:

The Beer Hogger, Kingfisher

Here is a person who loves beer, so much so, that he or she is never seen without one. The bottle never his or her hand. When hugging someone, the beer bottle joins the hug. The beer bottle also follows this kind to the dance floor. And pretty much everywhere they go.

So, if you have been at a #KFBeerUp, which kind do you identify with? Let us know!

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