5 things you must have to be a Famous Rockstar

Has the microphone ever beckoned you? That stage ever whispered your name? The glamour of music ever chased you in your dreams?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions, then you surely have the makings of a rockstar. Of course, having the talent to carry a tune would be an asset. So now that you are aspiring to be a rockstar, here are a few tips that can help you achieve fame instantly. And yes, you can send us an autograph later!

lacuna coil, rockstar, kingfisher   Hair and there

Must have long, unruly hair. Should have the capacity to handle excessive and lengthy headbanging sessions.

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  Head bang theory

A true rockstar’s head is never still. If the rockstar is not head banging, he is head-bobbing. When you practice head banging, be sure to do so in private, or have some excuses ready. This one usually works: “I am attempting to understand the physics of a rotating fan.”

opeth, kingfisher, rockstar

  Guess who’s black

Whatever you wear, wear black. Leather and denims would definitely do the trick. Put on some old school boots, strap on a guitar and you’re good to go on stage.

lucky ali, kingfisher derby 2012, rockstar, kingfisher

  Band Bonding

Most rockstars start off with a band and then move on to individual careers. No reason why you shouldn’t take the same route too. Start a band, give it an unusual name such as ‘40 Reasons to Have Beer’, find your niche and then branch out.

poets of the fall, POTF, kingfisher, rockstar

  Power of the Growl

Growling is one of the most popular sounds associated with heavy metal. There is no specific technique to it. More often than not, growling is an expression of anger. We also have a way for you to be able to growl without years of practice: Imagine a Kingfisher bottle, placed on a table across you. Now imagine you not being allowed to take it. And the growling begins….

You have the tips, you have the talent. So go on, begin the Good Times!

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    djrajan Leather and denims would definitely do the trick
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    djrajan ROCKSTAR need tooo.....tail every one....need too react properly wd crowd
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    djrajan u should b sumthing unique ..fo the famouse rockstar
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    anudeep.kp rock the floor