Which EDM Fan Are You?

There are genres of music.

And then there are the kinds who will listen to these genres and develop a distinctive personality of their own, which emerge in full glory at the concert they attend.

Take, for example, the kinds of people you will definitely notice at an EDM concert:

The Air DJs

good times, sound awake, kingfisher

These are the people who are no closer to the DJ console than the rest of us are to a fridge that magically refills beer. But that doesn’t stop them from raising their palms in the air and scratching the living daylights out of it.

Admit it, you have done this yourself, haven’t you?

Beer Hand-lers

sound awake, kingfisher

These are the people who believe that their hands have only one purpose – to carry LOTS of beer. They sprint to and fro from the bar to the stage, ferrying around beer, asking if anyone wants beer, refilling beer and somewhere in between, they remember that they have to ALSO enjoy the EDM concert that they had actually come for.

The Talking Dreads

sound awake, good times, kingfisher, EDM

You are grooving to the music, getting into the rhythm, and the DJ is truly killing it. As you are about ascend to another level, the person next to you taps you excitedly on the shoulder and screams into your ear “I LOVE THIS SONG!” and vigorously moves around, fracturing a few toes in the process.

This is when you must Keep Calm and Have A Beer.

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