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Top 5 Beer Vines (we’re punny like that) In India

Ah the Vine. The newest movie format that lets you tell a story and do fancy things in the gargantuan duration of 6 whole seconds. People make Vines about cats and interchangeable faces. This is the only kind of Vine that Beer can consume (any other kind and the Earth could possibly implode). So here are our favourite beer Vines from all over the country. There’s a Vine for everyone (If you’re at work, headphones are recommended)!

1. This is nothing short of magical.

2. Now if only we could fund the technology for this eh?

3. This is the fastest home delivery service on the planet. Seriously!

4. Enter the Shinobeer (get it? It's a play on Shinobi + Beer. Ah never mind)!

5. Here's one of our own! A self-powered sound system anyone?

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