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Things to do while you wait for your beer and food (without using your smartphone)

You’re at a restaurant with your significant other (or a friend. You pick). You’ve made your order for the finest cuisine and ale that your money can buy. Now begins thy wait. The air is silent except for the smooth jazz playing in the background at low volume. The minutes get longer the more you look at your timepiece. There’s only one thought that’s running through your head right about now. “WHERE IS MY MEAL?” Here’s the thing. Did you know that you could actually pass the time by having some fun? No? Well you’ve come to the right place. Read on ol’ chap!

1. Make Napkin Origami

We’re serious. It’s fun. It looks nice. Most importantly, it takes ridiculous amounts of time to get it right so by the time you nail a napkin origami, your meal would’ve arrived.

Precise folding master

2. Thumb Wrestle

Everyone knows how to do it and so do you. So what’s stopping you right now? You’ll be sparring with each other for a good 10 rounds by the time your food hits the table. ROUND 1! FIGHT!!!

Thumbs down equals defeat.

3. Make Music

See all those glasses of various shapes and sizes? Take your fork and gently tap on the side of any glass. Hear a distinct-yet-pleasant clink? Now fill it to around half full and try that again. Sounds different? Fill all the glasses with varying levels of water. Make your best orchestral performer impression and start playing. Congratulations, you’re now a xylophonist. Oh look! Your dinner is served!

Soothing clinking

4. Do some Stand-up

How about you provide entertainment for the entire restaurant while entertaining yourself? Simple. Make ‘em laugh. Stand up on that table. Now hold your spoon like it’s a microphone and get with the limericks already. Aaaaaand your food’s here.

Why did the beer cross the road?

5. Have a perfectly logical conversation

It’s antithetic, we know. Hear us out. The both of you are on the same page. You can talk about anything under the sun while not sounding like an imbecile and you’ll relish your meal when it gets to you. You’re welcome. Pay us back by staying logged in to #TheOriginalSocialNetwork guys!

Talk the Good Times talk

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