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5 Indian dishes best paired with beer

What's better than a pint of Kingfisher beer? Some truly delicious grub that complements the beer perfectly! Here are some of our best combinations:

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Biryani: The spicy, fulfilling combination of biryani is best enjoyed when you wash it down with some chilled beer!

Chicken Curry: You know you've got it good when you have a platter of Indian rotis, some thick Indian chicken curry and a pint of Kingfisher - it's heaven on a table.

Chicken Lollipop: If you aren't in the whole main course scene, but don't mind some meaty side-dishes, we would recommend our go-to combination, chicken wings and beer.

Fish Fry: Yet another side dish that we swear by, the sheer variety here makes us completely spoilt for choice.

Chole Fry: Non-vegetarians may underestimate this dish purely because they believe that it isn't possible for something so simple-looking to have a burst of tangy flavours - which is pretty much the single most endearing thing about this dish!


Have a favourite combination of your own? Share it with us!

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