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5 foods that need beer names

​Everyone's got a favourite snack to munch along with their beer. You know what would make these snacks even more delectable? Giving them beer-y names.

french fries

​French Fries - we think these should be actually called Fizz Fries. Because you know, beer fizz and all that


​Wafers - Spicy or salted, we really think these wafers ​should be called Chip n Ale. Might as well add a dash of comic nostalgia!

chicken lollipop

Chicken Lollipops - ​An apt name for this favourite dish of non-vegetarians would be Smoked Out Beer. It's the kind of name that resonates on every level.


Pizza - The toppings, the fillings and the entire circle of perfection - pizza is almost the solid version of beer and it would be absolutely divine if we all just start referring to pizza as Beer Crusters.


Nachos - Beery Angles - because every angle of beer matters!

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