Top 5 foods Indians carry while travelling abroad

There are people from other countries who travel the world, and then there are Indians, who travel the world. You can spot an Indian traveller from miles away and you don’t even have to look at their faces.


Don’t be. The mathematics is simple. Add an extra 4 bags to Indians travelling abroad, and you’ve pretty much figured it out. Now what are in those bags, you ask?


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masalas, indians, kingfisher

Indians have one rule for food. If it’s not Indian, it’s bland. Their remedy to this? Lots and lots of masalas.


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Say the word 'pickle' and see an Indian's face light up with happiness. Also, if the pickle doesn’t make your face undergo a zillion twitches, it’s NOT pickle.


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The most delectable junk food anyone can ever have. Add a dip to this, and you will probably never stop eating. For the uninitiated, Khakhras are a Gujarathi food that tastes like a crispy roti or chapati.


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Everyone has that one relative who is always armed with a laddoo to stuff in your mouth. And yet, it’s ironical how Indians keep refusing to have these laddoos in India, but will carry packs of these when travelling abroad.


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Yes, tea is available in most countries. But hey, that tea is not the same. Yes, the logic of this baffles us too.


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