The Ultimate Comfort Foods

Here’s a list of foods that make you feel loved at first bite!

Instant Noodles:So you’ve had a long day and need instant gratification? All you need is a cup of instant noodles and hot water to help you reach steaming hot nirvana. And no one’s stopping you from getting creative with toppings - chips, peanuts, any kind of sauce you can imagine…get as creative as you can and dig in!

Cheesy French Fries, kingfisher


Hot Chocolate Fudge: What takes vanilla ice-cream from being pleasant enough to sheer mouthgasmic levels? Some rich, gooey hot chocolate fudge. That diet can wait.

garlic-fries, kingfisher


Mashed Potatoes: Whether enjoyed plain, or with a generous dollop of butter or even some cheese - there’s something about the delicious softness of mashed potatoes. Maybe it’s the fact that it goes down beautifully without any chewing involved? Admit it - we’ve all been THAT lazy sometime.

chilli-cheese-fries, kingfisher


Grilled Cheese Sandwich:It’s a marriage made in heaven - where humble and bread and cheese come together to whisper sweet nothings to your tired soul. For an added bit of crunch, ape your local sandwich shop and throw in some veggies. If you’re in the need for some true pampering, go ahead, but some bacon in there!

steak-fries, kingfisher


Anything With Beer :It’s simple - everything tastes better (making you feel better!) with beer. Cheers!

fries-on-stick, kingfisher
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