Not Just French Fries

Hot, crispy French fries and ketchup, washed down with a cold Kingfisher beer after a long day at work. It really doesn’t get better than that, does it?

But what if we told you it did? Here are some ways you can take your French fries from great to epic!

Cheesy French Fries: When potatoes meet cheese, it’s love at first bite. Add some bacon to the mix and your taste buds are ready to party!

Cheesy French Fries, kingfisher


Garlic Fries: Takes the spud to studly levels, and keeps vampires away as a bonus.

garlic-fries, kingfisher


Chilli Cheese Fries: Spicy Mexican Chilli with your beer? Delicious. Now imagine adding French fries to the fiesta.

chilli-cheese-fries, kingfisher


Steak Fries: Having fries on the side is too passé. It’s time for the meat to meet the fries in a tasty, messy extravaganza.

steak-fries, kingfisher


Hot Dog covered in French Fries:Whoever thought of this was a genius! A hot dog covered in fries = heaven on a stick!

fries-on-stick, kingfisher


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