Lessons In Beer Etiquette

garlic-fries, kingfisher

We beer-heads are known for our outrageous wild side and our superior sense of humor. But every now and then the laid back vibe that comes from our brew of choice leads us to irk a bro when we get to chillin' in our favourite watering holes. Thus Kingfisher is here to give you LESSONS IN BEER ETIQUETTE!

1. Better Dead Than Head:When pouring a bro a beer, no matter how many you’re down, keep the head to a minimum. Froth is fun but a lot is none. So pour it with style and make a bro smile.

2. Chug Bugs:If you like to chug, that’s awesome. Chug away, but don’t insist everyone else chug with you. Not everyone is a bona fide chiller like you!

3. A Hog Is A Dawg:When it comes to sides, make sure you pace your chew with your brew. Don't pig on the snacks while your bros hang back. And definitely don’t even think about grabbing that last fry before anyone else does.

4. Cheer Or Fear:Every now and then a beer-head gets aggressive with a bro. We've all heard "DUUUDE!! You didn't say cheers before you sipped! Ten years bad luck for you!" Yeah, don't be that guy.

5. Burp Alert:Sure, beer is a fizzy drink. But that's never an excuse to burp out the alphabet in public. It might fly with the bros, but not everyone likes drinking with a wind tunnel!

So if you want an invite for the next party, keep these pointers in mind during the Good Times. Just remember the motto, drink it with class and you earn another glass!

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