5 Essential Food Groups (As Classified By A Beer-head)

What are the major food groups that exist in the world? Beer-heads everywhere have come up with a list.

Light Bar Bites

We all love a quickie, and these hit the spot. A plate of fries, spicy peanuts, a crisp papad or two topped with tart salad – just what a bro needs after work along with his beer.

Light Bar Bites, Kingfisherworld

Heavy Bar Bites

You’ve settled into that chair at your favourite watering hole, and you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Keeping those seemingly bottomless pitchers company are platters heaped with chilli chicken, tikka, kebabs, spring rolls..

Heavy Bar Bites, Kingfisherworld

Comfort Food

Gooey cheese between fluffy slices of bread, a steaming plate of instant noodles, mayonnaise, bacon, mashed potatoes and everything your waistline is afraid of. But just what your taste buds desire after a tough day. Along with chilled beer.

Comfort Food, Kingfisherworld

The Big Deal

Fat, juicy steaks. A plump burger with all the trimmings. A huge bowl of macaroni and cheese. XXL portions for those with massive appetites. Best washed down with beer.

The Big Deal, Kingfisherworld

Date Food

Anything that’s beautifully cooked and presented. Mostly consumed when one wants to impress their date with their encyclopaedic gastronomic knowledge and mean cutlery skills. Well, it that doesn’t work, beer always will!

Date Food, Kingfisherworld

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