3 Foods We Should Be Thankful For

You could be alone at home weighing the possibilities of having an active social life, or spending quality time with your television. You could be in a happening party in a pub or diving into a swimming pool in a resort.

You could be doing anything, anywhere but it still doesn't change the fact that some foods were truly made for mankind:

Potato Chips

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The thing about potato chips is that the more brands decide to invent a variety in this category, the more beneficial it becomes for us. Potato chips come in such variety of flavours as well: Indian masala, tangy tomato, salsa, onion, barbeque etc. You can love any flavour and it’d still go great with any dip. Ketchup? Check. Onion dip? Check. Yogurt + Mayo dip? Check.

Potato Chips also serve as friend magnets. You could be the most incorrigible person alive. Open a bag of potato chips and see how the world sees your awesomeness that for some reason was not so visible earlier. Suddenly, you are everybody’s best friend so won’t you be a sweetheart and give just one potato chip? Just the one?

Of course you will.

And yeah, do remember that opening a bag of potato chips is a lot like one of the lines in the song Hotel California – you can check out any time, but you can never leave.


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Mankind may have committed a million mistakes in the entire time that the earth has existed. And yet, there hasn’t been a single instance of any man doing bacon the wrong way.


There is no such thing anyway.

Bacon is so sinfully delicious that it is possibly the only contender that can stare chocolate right in the eye and melt it down. You cannot even begin to attempt to replace bacon with anything else, because there doesn’t exist a worthy replacement. Bacon is so awesome that even Will Smith in the zombie apocalypse movie ‘I am legend’, knowing that he could be discovered and devoured by zombies any time soon, still chooses to save bacon for an awesome day.

And of course, bacon makes any meal a million times better.


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When the bag of potato chips has emptied out its contents, and when the slice of bacon has been devoured and the world seems dull and lacklustre, you remember the miracle that is nestled neatly within the cool confines of your refrigerator.

You approach your refrigerator with new hope and excitement, and as you open the fridge door, your heartbeat accelerates. You open it and VOILA! Behold, the can of beer, the greatest invention ever, the one that works as a starter, main course, or even dessert!

Need we really say now why mankind should truly, be thankful for BEER?

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