The Anatomy Of The Perfect Burger

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  • Buns: Firm to touch, but soft enough to bite into.
  • Lettuce: Functions like a bikini – enough to cover the basics, but overdo it, and you’ll kill the fun.
  • Pickle and Onion: The amount is inversely proportional to the chances of you having the good times later, if you know what we mean
  • Cheese: Should be the perfect prelude to the meaty experience ahead. The longer it lingers, the better. Could be molten, because some like it hot.
  • Patty: The main event – a juicy, tender piece of meat that gets your taste buds to sing in ecstasy.
  • Sauces: Whether it’s luscious red ketchup, or flirty tobasco that’s sure to spice things up, the sauce makes a huge difference. And don’t forget all that sinful mayonnaise. Don’t go overboard though; there are better ways of getting your hands dirty…
  • Sides: Why go back when you’ve come this far? We suggest fries, onion rings, and even bacon. All washed down with some chilled beer!
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