We love our cricket. And we love our food. What brings them together? Beer! We’re breaking down the most delicious ways you can show your support for your team this cricket season.


Tandoori Chicken - Say it out loud. Trust us. Say it with a long pause between the two words. Tandoori…chicken! Felt good right? Know what’s even better? Tandoori chicken… and beer!

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Paneer Tikka - This snack is singlehandedly responsible for eliminating the rift between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The creaminess of the paneer combined with the punch of Punjab makes for one of the best game-watching snacks of all time.

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Pyaaj Kachori – That crisp outer crust. That spicy onion filling. *gulp* Must… not succumb… to delicious snack. Too late. *gorges* Now that the deed has been done, one can safely say that one of Rajasthan’s most popular snacks, right up there with Bikaneri bhujia, is very hard to resist.

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Vada Pav – The very essence of Mumbai in every single bite. Let that sink in. Every time you grab a bite a little bit of that city comes to life within you. Also it’s really convenient to hold when you’re cheering for your favourite team, flailing your hands about all over the place.

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Lukhmi – Just look at it. Look at that perfectly symmetrical rhomboid snack glancing back at you, seducing you, begging you to sink your teeth into its meaty interior glory. Unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you have absolutely no excuse to avoid this… this masterpiece.

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Mushroom Bajji – There’s nothing bad that can be said about mushroom bajji…nothing. This snack will literally make your taste buds sing, especially when paired with your favourite brew.

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Medu Vadai – This is a snack that transcends its label. It can be eaten as a meal or even as a post-meal savoury. Don’t let its doughnut-like shape fool you as it makes for one of the most perfect beer pairings. It’s just that good. If your hands are full, don’t worry as the medu vadai can also rest comfortably on any of your fingers.

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You have a very cold heart or no stomach (or both) if you aren’t feeling hungry by now. Go forth and conquer thy couch and your gastric desires!

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