Take your pick bro - Experiencing a brilliant game of cricket in the company of your buddies and beer or, mouth watering dishes that warrant uninterrupted and delicate dining? A balance needs to be struck and for that, you need to avoid pairing a few food items with your favourite game of cricket.


Seriously? You actually thought that the crustacean was a good idea?! Imagine when you switch to hyper-mode after your team’s hit their first 50 and your friend’s nose suffers an injury via crab claw. Food for thought (no pun intended)

All Clawed Up, Kingfisherworld


Whoever thought this was good match food has obviously never watched one with his/her mates. The combination of your team losing (or winning for that matter) and you discovering that there are bromato (bread + tomato, don't ask) crumbs all over your living room, is indeed disastrous.

Residual Tomato Explosion, Kingfisherworld


Your team isn’t doing too well in the game and that umpire seems a little too biased to make proper calls. Right about now you’re pretty upset and the third umpire calls a decision that isn’t in your favour. You’ve also unconsciously creamed your friend’s face with that mango cream cupcake. Simply put, not the best decision.

Comfort Of Cream, Kingfisherworld


This needs no explanation, really. Fiery foods combined with fiery emotions makes for an explosively dangerous game-watching session.

Fiery Personalities, Kingfisherworld


Did someone actually bring oysters for your match party? Okay. Bad idea. Your hands will be too busy throwing themselves in the air in celebration or in pure agony. Some food items like oysters are definitely reserved for the fine dining experience or the leisurely dinner by the sea.

The Wrong Kind of Finger Food, Kingfisherworld

You know what? Stick to the simple stuff; food that can go well with a beer for example. Click here to see what food you can eat during this cricket season. You’re welcome. Happy cheering/dining people!

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