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The Evolution of Your Suit On A Friday Night

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It’s Friday night! After some fast and final taps on the keyboard, you and your best bro from work head to the nearest club for another epic start to the weekend. You give yourself a once-over in the biggest mirror you can find before stepping in. The suit you have on is barely wrinkled, your shirt’s crisp, and the watch on your wrist shines expensively. You adjust your and smirk at yourself. The only thing that gives competition to your gleaming shoes is your mega-watt smile. You’ll take a step back and marvel at how you will be fighting off the ladies tonight!

suits, kingfisher, good times

After an hour, a couple of beers and some newly acquired phone numbers, you’ve loosened up, and how! This girl you’ve been talking to over the deafening music being played in the club wants to see the results of your trips to the gym. You shrug off your jacket and push up your shirt sleeves to oblige. And hey, the night’s still young and you are just about getting started!

suits, kingfisher good times

Somewhere in the middle of showing off your moves, your tie is partially undone, very cool-kid-after-school style because well, ‘the ladies do love ‘em boyish!’ And why stop there? The mad dancing on the floor has unlocked the shirt out of your trousers, the right tail of your shirt dangling about. The crumpled look totally becomes you.

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Your tie has made its way into your pocket, giving your watch company. The first two buttons on your shirt have broken free. This allows your head more movement as it swivels in all directions, as you look for your wallet/keys/jacket/car/wingman. After their spirited excursion into the untamed dance floor, your shoes look like they could do with a long holiday. You don’t know your left foot from your right foot, and the louder the music gets, the more unsynchronised your dance moves become. Your party has reached its zenith, and you are ready to slump into the closest bean bag…

…Until next Friday, when you do it all over again!

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