Good Times Wardrobe

Pub vs Club: The 5-min Wardrobe Guide

Have you ever been confused about what you must be adorning if you intend to hit a pub or a club tonight and have all of 5 minutes to put it together? Fret not, here’s an easy guide to help you out​:

pub beer

When you wear jeans

In a pub: You pair it up with a easy going white shirt.

In a club: Put on a blazer over the white shirt and jeans and you’re good to go!

When you wear shorts

In a pub: Pair it with a long sleeved shirt and slick back your hair

In a club: Pair it with a short sleeved shirt that’s accentuated with heavy accessories

If you are a man

In a pub: Pairing casual day bottoms with casual evening tops will do the trick for you

In a club: You can club casual clothes with semi-casual clothes and you would be dressed to kill

​If you are a woman

In a pub: You can pretty much wear your beach dresses clubbed with casual accessories

In a club: Imagine that the red carpet is a dance floor, and you’re all set!

At the end of the day, you just need to remember that as long as you’re having the Good Times, whatever you wear will look just as good!

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