Good Times Wardrobe

If beer was a fashion designer

Beer knows everything - that’s the beauty of beer. It complements anything, and everything.

So if beer were a fashion designer, here’s what would happen:

quote beer

Walk that ramp

You don’t have to simply catwalk now - now you gotta flaunt that style while balancing two beers in your hand. Because some people in your audience love fashion, while some love beer!


Every fashion show starts with trials of clothing. Here, beer would first ensure that the trial of the fashion line begins with the trial of different beer-flavoured foods. Because you know, the beginning of Good Times and all that

Good Times all around!

Season specific collections for beer? All sorted, because beer tastes good throughout the year. So this means, that you are looking forward to every season - which works for the ‘designer’ and for you!

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