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Fashion statements every Beerhead needs to make

Know what a Fashion Faux Pas is? No? A fashion faux pas is a fashion trend that’s embarrassing either because it’s just plain hideous or the fact that it aged badly (we’re looking at you Hammer Pants). Do you know that any fashion faux pas that’s got beer on it, becomes a cutting edge fashion statement instead? That’s right. Beerheads unite, for it is time to take the world by storm, one beer-garment at a time.

1. Beer Ties

How do you look formal while telling your colleagues and bosses that you’re down to enjoying some quality ale at any given time? By wearing the tie that harks back to the aforementioned ale’s humble roots. Wear a hops tie when you can. You know you want to.

So Brew-tie-full

2. Beer Tees

For when you’re not working but still want to tell people how much of a beerhead you really are. Think about it.  Everyone loves a guy who brings some beery good humour to the mix.

Tee time!

3. Shoes that look like Beer Bottles

This one’s multifunctional. It serves as another storage bank in your galaxy of available beer sheltering options AND looks super fly when you take it for a stroll down to the pub.


4. Beer-styled Fingernails

Do they look like glossy gold nail polish that’s starting to fade? Absolutely not. This fingernail style is crafted with utmost precision, leaving no room for error. Just look at the “foam” at the edge. Such beauty.

Such Beer-ty

5. Beer-pong Shorts

We featured a tribute to hops a little earlier in the article. Might as well feature a tribute to our favourite pastime, BEER PONG! Just look at the masterpiece below. *sigh*

Such Beer-ty

So there you go. Maybe you could combine all 5 and become the ultimate beerhead fashionista. Yes? The decision’s entirely up to you.

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