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5 ways you could dress up your Beer for a party

Wow look at you, all suited up for an evening out on the town. You’re even carrying your favourite bottle of ale along for the ride. Here’s a thought though. Don’t you think that your beer’s being left out of your epic party-wear game? Just look at that sad crown. If we didn’t like you we’d be calling you cruel right about now. Luckily we aren’t. We’re going to fix this little fashion problem with a couple of ways you could dress up your beer for a party.

1. For A Wedding

Okay. Let’s get the most formal ones out of the way. Prepping for a bestie’s wedding? Take a look at these threads for your ale. We even threw in options depending on whose side you’re representing.

Hops to the wedding

2. For A Workout

Maybe you’re not even going to a party but heading to the gym for a nice intense workout. You’re in the middle of MMA training and want your beer to pack a punch as well. What do you do? Then the next option is just for you. Thank us later.

A fistful of ale

3. For Gaming Night

Home clothing? Check. Game console? Check. Extra game controllers? Check. Games? Check. Party-appropriate clothing for your beer? No? Well we’ve got your back there too. Be amazed at how your beer just automatically levels up.

Super Brew Bros

4. For A Beach Party

Ah the beach! Blue skies, gnarly waves, golden sands and beach parties. If you’re on your way to one of these, then it’s only logical that your beer is dressed, ready for a swim or even to soak up the sun. Warning! Your beer might think it’s a ferocious predator when it wears this but we all know how adorable it will look.

Sun, Sand and a Cozee

5. For Sheer Badassery

This one’s a bonus. Ever felt like you’re a badass walking away from an explosion while not looking back and sporting an epic mane? Well at least your ale can feel like that if you don’t. We call it a Beer’d. End of story.

Beer'ds for life

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