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Mt. Everest Base Camp

What does it take to prove that one is fit for an expedition as challenging as trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp? What does it take to show the prowess that would be needed to survive sub-zero temperatures, where oxygen is a luxury?

Passion is all what it takes. Passion that drives one to push his or her limits, that surpasses every excuse to give up.

A series of campouts conducted across the country put hopeful participants to the test, with challenging activities ranging from rapelling and obstacle courses, to building a makeshift boat and rowing across shores, among others - the shortlisting process was definitely not a piece of cake.

However, when the final group of participants were chosen, they knew that what lay ahead of them was only going to tougher - albeit completely worth the soreness, the blisters and the aches.

The Kingfisher Mission Everest Base Camp Expedition - a journey that tested these individuals at every step, that showed them what they were truly capable of, that bought them closer to the individual they could be, that gave them an experience that will last a lifetime!

Journey to Mt. Everest Base
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